Php массив json: PHP: json_encode — Manual


Конвертировать JSON массив в JSON массив


Источник данных

Подготовьте код JSON массив для преобразования в JSON массив. Мы не будем хранить какие-либо ваши данные.


Редактор таблицы

Excel подобный редактору или Builder позволяет легко отредактировать данные JSON массив предыдущих данных.


Генератор таблицы

Скопируйте или загрузите данные преобразованного JSON массив.

Источник данных

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • XML
  • HTML Таблица
  • Markdown Таблица
  • JSON массив
  • Вставить SQL
  • MySQL Вывод запроса
  • LaTeX Таблица
  • MediaWiki Таблица


Редактор таблицы


Генератор таблицы

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Разбор JSON

Обратите внимание, что вы можете потерять некоторые цифры или целое число

Minify JSON

Это помогает сжать данные JSON

Обертка на ‘data’

Сделайте ‘data’ в качестве ключа, результат преобразования как значение

JSON Формат

Array of Object2D ArrayColumn ArrayKeyed Array

Как Конвертировать JSON массив в JSON массив онлайн?


Загрузить или вставить свой JSON массив

Перед использованием преобразователя JSON, пожалуйста, убедитесь, что ваш JSON находится в формате массива объектов. Нажмите JSON Пример IN Источник данных Panel Для просмотра демонстрации. Конечно, в дополнение к вставлению, вы также можете нажать «Загрузить JSON» или перетаскивание файла JSON.

Отредактируйте свой JSON массив онлайн, если это необходимо

Вы можете редактировать свои данные онлайн, например, Excel через Редактор таблицы, а изменения будут преобразованы в JSON массив в режиме реального времени.

Скопируйте преобразованный JSON массив

Данные JSON были сгенерированы в поле Генератор таблицы. Этот удобный преобразователь выпускает массив объектов по умолчанию, в дополнение к этому, он также может генерировать различные форматы JSON, таких как 2D массив, массив столбцов и массив клавиш.

Примечание. Ваши данные безопасны, конверты полностью выполняются в вашем веб-браузере, и мы не будем хранить какие-либо ваши данные.

Что такое JSON?


JSON Подписчики для объекта JavaScript. Файл JSON — это текстовый формат для представления структурированных данных на основе синтаксиса объекта JavaScript.

Что такое JSON?


JSON Подписчики для объекта JavaScript. Файл JSON — это текстовый формат для представления структурированных данных на основе синтаксиса объекта JavaScript.

Не могли бы вы рекомендовать этот онлайн-инструмент для своих друзей?

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  • 🐛 Fixed issues: Download pdf is not working

  • 🐛 Fixed issues: When importing SQL and inserting multiple lines, there is no space between them.


  • 🐛 Fixed issues: the output of html conversion api is empty

  • 🛡️ Escaping single quotes when converting to SQLite

  • 🚀 Optimize TableConvert API performance

  • 🐛 Fixed issues: Noise when converting into div table



  • ➕ Added support for all converters to the API

  • 💰 Added a new paid page with additional features for users who want to upgrade

  • 🚀 Made several performance improvements to the app

  • 🔒 Enhanced the security of the app by implementing several new security measures

  • 📖 Improved the documentation to make it easier for developers to use the API


  • ➕ Added XML importer, TableConvert now supports 10 different import formats

  • 💻 Added the option for text alignment in the ASCII and reStructuredText Table

  • 🔁 Flipped the logic for Minify AsciiDoc table based on feedback from @Luis


  • 🗑️ Added a button to delete duplicate rows to the Table Editor

  • 🗑️ Merge buttons to delete empty rows and columns

  • 🐛 Fixed issues: status bar in full screen mode

  • 🐛 Fixed issues: The order of the properties of the JSON object is not the same



  • 🔧 The textarea of the Magic generator supports auto-closing brackets

  • 🛠️ Optimized Magic: Supports JavaScript code and awk-like syntax

  • ➕ Added MySQL Query Output data source

  • 🎁 Use backslash `\` to output `{..}` in magic converter


  • 🐛 Fixed that the amount of data is less than the threshold in SQL and DAX converters

  • 🔗 Added Line share button

  • 🔄 Refactor Template to Magic

  • ℹ️ Added tooltip for share button


  • 🔍 SQL generator and DAX generator support automatic inspect data type

  • ➕ Added Qlik table generator, The code for Qlik inline loads can now be converted

  • ➕ Added DAX table generator, The code for DAX DATATABLE can now be converted


  • 🔨 HTML generator: Replace the `

` tag under thead with the `` tag

  • 🔨 HTML generator: Added an option to make the first column as headers

  • 🎨 Optimized UI and some experience issues

  • 🖥️ The editor supports full screen switching



    • ➕ XML Converter can now customize root and row elements

    • 🔧 Optimized options for CSV converters

    • ➕ Added Firebase list converter and generator


    • Added border style option for LaTeX tables, Thanks to @Daniel for the feedback

    • Added text alignment option for LaTeX tables

    • Added bold first row option for LaTeX tables

    • Added bold first column option for LaTeX tables

    • Make tooltip for Border option of Latex converter, more intuitive effect


    • In the SQL converter, support «NULL» as the value of the field

    • HTML importer supports reading multiple tables at the same time

    • Fixed garbled text in PDF converter when the table contains CJK characters

    • Optimize the data source change event to support real-time rendering



    • Added statistics bar to datagrid component

    • Added Loading animation

    • Simplified notification text


    • Optimize the order of converters to fit most habits

    • Fixed the feature of importing split row or join row

    • Fixed the template syntax issue when there is an empty row


    • Fixed an issue where pdf could not be downloaded. Thanks to @lpablo611 for the feedback

    • In the SQL converter, the line-by-line insertion syntax is used by default. Thanks to @ffortuny for the feedback

    • Added the feature of selecting worksheets when uploading Excel. Thanks to @ffortuny for the feedback

    • Fixed some issues with importing to Excel


    • Fixed bug with AsciiDoc table converter. Thanks to @kernixski for the feedback

    • Added header and compression options to AsciiDoc table generator

    • Added «Force separate lines» option to reStructuredText table generator



    • Fixed unicode pipe character in ASCII table generator

    • Fixed the problem that the textarea does not refresh


    • Markdown converter supports setting first row as headers

    • Bold first line excludes empty strings in Markdown table generator

    • Added more ASCII plain text table generators

    • Added source code comment support to ASCII table generator


    • JSON converter supports parsing JavaScript objects

    • Added more language

    • Added Minimal working example (MWE) for LeTeX Table Generator


    • Deutsch language added

    • Simplified Chinese language added

    • Added i18n support


    • Force text format for Excel

    • Refactor IDEA to Template

    • Added tooltip for Converter’s Options



    • Added Jira Converter and Jira Generator

    • Added Textile Converter and Textile Generator


    • New design is coming, more comprehensive functions, beautiful and easy to use.

    • Support switching Dark Mode

    • Integrated DataGridXL

    • Support search and replace

    • Support switch case

    • Support drag and drop to upload files

    • Support Excel file reading, now you can convert Excel into other tables

    • Different input sources have different examples

    • More new features are waiting for you to discover


    • Added AsciiDoc Converter, Now you can convert the table to asciidoc code

    • Added reStructuredText Converter, Now you can convert the table to reStructuredText code


    • Focus error prompt

    • Fixed the «$» and «+» keyword of non-IDEA converters being interpreted

    • Import the JSON of a two-dimensional array without unshift

    • Automatically trim when using html importer

    • Turn off Markdown automatic escape option

    • Fixed bug not rendering keys as headers



    • Added SQL importer, you can convert create table sql and insert sql to any format

    • Added MediaWiki importer, you can convert MediaWiki table to any format now

    • Fixed convert to json if a value contains spaces, these are removed


    • Added PHP Converter, Now you can convert the table to PHP code

    • Added Ruby Converter, Now you can convert the table to Ruby code

    • Added ASP Converter, Now you can convert the table to ASP code

    • Added ActionScript Converter, Now you can convert the table to ActionScript code

    • Added BBCode Converter, Now you can convert the table to BBCode

    • Added PDF Converter, Now you can convert the table to PDF file

    • Added JPEG Converter, Now you can convert the table to Jpeg image file

    • Converter tabs now support responsive layout



    • Added specified import type when importing URL

    • Added the feature undo/redo、clear and transpose


    • Added export Excel in xlsx format

    • Added the feature of converting table into 2D array to JSON converter

    • Added the feature of converting table into Column array to JSON converter

    • Added the feature of converting table into Keyed array to JSON converter


    • Added `Caption`, `Label`, and `Alignment` options for LatTex converter

    • Formatted LaTex table Code

    • Added `Table name`, `Generate a create table statement` options for SQL converter


    • Added blog to record help information for this application

    • Optimized the main color to make it look comfortable


    • Added a new feature, double-click the output textarea to select all

    • Remember the selected cells when adding, deleting, and modifying the table

    • Optimize selected cell style



    • Fixed issue: failure when importing from JSON containing fields that are not strings

    • Added an ontion to set Markdown to use simple style table

    • Added an option to set MediaWiki table to format first row as header


    • Added an option to set Markdown to use compact mode

    • Added an option to set the Markdown table Text alignment

    • Added MediaWiki converter, now you can easily generate and edit mediawiki tables

    • Fixed issue: importing Excel and if there is no entry in a column then when that data is converted to Markdown data is shifted to left columns


    • Refactoring document page

    • Support for retaining current data when you redraw the table

    • Supports automatic saving of table data


    • Fixed issue: Javascript export CSV encoding utf-8, adding UTF-8 BOM to string

    • Beautify pages and components

    • Add LaTex converter, Support to convert LaTex to Excel, JSON, CSV, Markdown table, etc



    • Fixed an issue when output text table

    • Add a description for the converter, generator and editor

    • When importing data, it supports loading local json, csv, md, html and other files


    • Added quotation selector to sql output, you can choose the correct quotes according to the sql engine

    • Fixed an issue: Output sync bug

    • Added blod first row options for markdown output

    • Added center-align text options for markdown output


    • Fixed bug, Ajax falls into an infinite loop when extracting a table from a URL

    • Make loading big data smoother

    • Fixed an issue where the separator was incorrect when converting csv to a table

    • Escape special symbols are selected by default

    • Fixed an issue: Split a CSV string ignore commas within double-quotes



    • Added expansion and collapse features, automatically adapt data length

    • Added the ability to load data from a URL

    • Added an option to the HTMl output, now you can easily convert table to a DIV table

    • Optimized the speed of reading content from a URL


    • Added style options to text output, now support output mysql results style, reStructuredText table style and so on

    • Added escaping options for Markdown, HTML, XML, and LaTex converters


    • Added JSON converter, now support convert an array of objects to csv, markdown, excel, etc

    • Added a options button for the csv tab output, custom delimiters are now supported

    • Added minifier, now you can easily compress or minify your JSON, XML, HTML result


    • Added Template converter, you can easily design the output based on your ideas

    • Added an options button for the template tab output

    • Removed jQuery, compressed pages and improved website speed



    • Added table shortcuts, now you can modify the table content more easily. Thank @Yasuhiko OKADA !

    • Optimize arrow shortcuts & streamline default URLs


    • Support for initializing data via URL

    • Support table data and URL dynamic binding, now you can easily share data through URL


    • Added the ability to import tables from a URL

    • Optimize tab hover style


    • Fixed bug: Empty cell error when importing Excel

    • Support for loading examples via `window.location.hash`

    • Added a tooltip to the table editor button


    • Added LaTex and Plain Text converter

    • Fixed bug: When multiple header fields are the same, the result shows only one

    • Optimize table chooser style

    • Optimize icon color, Make it softer

    • Optimize table chooser, The x axis is row and the y axis is col



    • Added YAML and SQL converter

    • Optimize styles and expand available workspaces

    • Optimize color contrast


    • Added Excel converter

    • Added import capabilities. now you can convert between Excel, CSV/TSV, JSON, and Markdown

    • Auto format XML code

    • Fixed a bug in XML code generation which result error when the number in the first row of the table appears


    • Support online editing and generating tables

    • Support for creating HTML table easily

    • Support for converting HTML table to CSV/TSV, JSON, XML, HTML and Markdown table

    • Support copy to clipboard

    • Support for downloading converted result file

    • Added example button

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